Smoking Gun

Smoking Gun
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Whole wheat egg noodles, soy cured salmon, chipotle chilli, hoi sin, lemon curd, kimchi, soft boiled egg. #paulsplayground #iloveasianflavours

Pasta for lunch! Penne with ricotta, chestnut mushrooms, smoked bacon, Parmesan and raw egg yolk. #paulsplayground

 Revisiting a creation from a few weeks ago. Slow cooked chicken with curry, sour cherry, yogurt and a warm salsa of fave beans, tomato, pine apple and peas. #paulsplayground

Anti pasto platter with Serrano ham, Chorizo, cauliflower/ black pepper/ white chocolate panna cotta, Parmesan, heritage tomatoes, olive oil, poached egg and maybe some other stuff that I've overlooked. #paulsplaygrounddrinking beer.


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