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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Latest creations.

I came across the menu for a restaurant in Miami called GB and they had a rather interesting salad that included heirloom tomatoes, smoked cheese and toasted coconut. So taking my inspiration from that, I have concocted this salad of heirloom tomatoes, oak smoked cheddar, little gem lettuce, toasted coconut, breakfast radish and a wholegrain mustard/ lime & cilantro dressing

I had some pork left from yesterdays dinner and so I cooked some rice with black cumin seeds, star anise, orange and mint. The flavours in the rice make a nice contrast to the gentle warmth of the spices in the pork.

Jackson Pollock didn't do cheesecake.........but if he did. This is a Cream cheese/white chocolate/ Dijon mustard iced parfait, summer berry compote, rhubarb puree, lemon curd custard, custard cream biscuit crumb and shavings of dark and white chocolate. The idea of the white chocolate and Dijon mustard came from reading a review of DiverXO in Madrid and that combination was used in one of the desserts. It's just a subtle hint of mustard that is just noticeable. For me it works. 

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