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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Research and development.

As a chef, I feel that it s very important to be constantly experimenting and developing new ideas. after all, as the musician, Jon Anderson once said,'you are only as a good as your last record'! It is my believe that the same philosophy can be applied to the food of a Chef in that you are only as good as your last meal. Here are a few ideas that I have been developing this week.

Anti pasto platter (featuring)........Serrano ham, crispy chorizo, a cauliflower/ white chocolate/ black pepper panna cotta, Carrot/ wasabi pea jam, Heritage tomatoes, tomato/ white balsamic chutney, pea mayonnaise, spiced pickled onions, extra virgin olive oil + Parmesan shavings.

Chilled Soba noodles in a wasabi/ basil mayonnaise, Soy cured salmon, soft boiled egg, Kim chi, Fresh lemon/ ginger curd, chipotle chilli jam & hoi sin.

A crispy potato cake redolent with Persian spices ( coriander, cumin, fennel, chilli, turmeric, aniseed, nutmeg, dried pimento, mace, cardamom, cinnamon + cloves). Accompanied by a fricassee of cabbage, chestnut mushrooms, smoked bacon, cottage cheese, ginger, garlic & chilli. Finished with a mango foam.

Red wine and chilli glazed pear, peanut butter/ mascarpone gel, nutella/ yogurt powder, lemon foam, bitter chocolate sorbet.

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