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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Soup and sandwich anyone?

Lunch.......Spiced turkey meatloaf, green zebra tomato, little gem lettuce, summer fruit/ ginger compote, onions pickled in Chinese black vinegar & radish all packed in a brioche bun spread with an avocado/ coriander butter.
A little late night snack. Ham, pepper jack cheese + heritage tomato toasted sandwich with Dijon mustard and black treacle.
A creative Chef/ cook will find ways of utilising everything in the kitchen. This is a Ham + Thai fragrant rice broth scented with garlic powder, ajwain seeds and black mustard seeds. The soup was actually made from the stock created during the cooking of a ham. It is garnished with broad beans, breakfast radish and smoked pork sausage. The final note in this amazing concerto of flavours is drizzle of Greek extra virgin olive oil. 

Inspiration comes from everywhere, even the cartoons of my childhood. Remember those humongous sandwiches that Scooby Doo and Shaggy used to make? So without further adoo, I present to you The Scooby Snack. Granary bread, avocado butter, rhubarb/ ginger relish, little gem lettuce, heirloom tomato, breakfast radish, pickled beetroot, ham, turkey meatloaf and mature cheddar cheese.

This is something that is definitely still in the realms of R&D/ experimentation. A mushroom/ seaweed broth with radish greens and cottage cheese, celery/ peach + Chinese black vinegar chutney and mustard oil. The mushroom and seaweed is actually a seasoning mix that I buy at my local Asian food store and is made from dried Kombu and dried Shitake mushrooms which give the broth a nice combination of saltiness pepperyness and the radish greens ad further pepperyness. The cottage cheese adds a touch of creaminess and then there is the heat from the mustard oil. The chutney adds some sweetness from the peaches, a little crunch from the celery and the Chinese black vinegar combined with some molasses adds an interesting licorice flavour. As I said, this is still very much in the experimental stages but overall is an interesting combination of flavours.

I think it was the legend who was Julia Child that said, "life's to short to eat boring food"! In the time it took to grill a couple of Linolnshire sausages, I also sauteed some peppers & onions with garlic powder, turmeric, ground coriander, black mustard seeds and red chili flakes. Along with some pork sausage, shredded little gem and pepper jack cheese, I ended up with a seriously scrumptious sausage sandwich. A tremendously tasty treat for Thursday.

For lunch today I have prepared one of my own personal classics. A tomato, carrot, coriander and coconut soup. I've never come across this combination any where, so I thinks that It's kind of unique

For lunch today I did a sandwich of sauteed chicken with garlic, ginger, Korean red chili pepper, soy sauce and honey. Served on some toasted granary bread with kimchi and wasabi mayonnaise.

So here is something that takes a little inspiration from Wylie Dufresne of WD50 in NYC. A pea and avocado soup, fricasee of mussels/ chipotle chili/ sour cream, Japanese sansho pepper and dill oil.

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