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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Culinary imagings volume three.

Seared pigeon breast in a beetroot juice and chicken broth with chestnut mushrooms, ginger, lemongrass, fish sauce and palm sugar. Garnishe with spring onion, grated radish, red onion, samphire and dehydrated rose petals.

Designing dinner. Hojiblanca olive, lemon and honey jam, samphire, Nonpareeille capers, Mr. Hughs extra virgin rapeseed oil and dehydrated rose petals.

  And the remainder of dinner comprises pan fried red mullet with wild rice, butter and dill.

 Clockwise rom the top. Tomato sauce with curry leaf, tumeric, blue poppyseed and brown mustard seeds. Salmon in a marinade of lemongrass, Indonesian sweet soy, garlic, fish sauce, palm sugar, sesame oil, spring onion and dill. Carrot and pink grapefruit gel. Pears poached in beetroot juice and passiofruit. Just some elements of dinner that I'm making Mum And Dad for dinner tomorrow.

 Lamb shoulder fillets braised in Brazilian Xingu black beer with mashed potato and swede cooked in carrot juice enriched with truffle butter.

It's lunch time, so lets raid the fridge, the store cupboard and be creative and imaginative. Penne pasta with cherry tomato, smoked bacon, Hojiblanca olives, chestnut mushrooms, comte and manchego cheese, walnut oil.

Salmon marinated with Thai/ Vietnamese flavours ( featuring lemongrass, dill, fish sauce, sweet soy sauce and sesame oil ). A tomato sauce with white wine, curry leafs, blue poppyseed and brown mustard seed. Garnished with samphire, spring onions and breakfast radish. The spring onion and radish being marinated in extra virgin rapeseed oil, maple syrup, mirin and rice vinegar.

 Conference pear poached in beetroot juice, passionfruit and jaggrey. Carrot and pink grapefruit gel, frozen pina colada.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Culinary imagings volume one.

Crab and Cheese toasts. A blend of white crab meat, Dijon mustard, Montasio Fresco cheese, lemon juice and egg on mature cheddar and jalapeno bread.

Seared breast of pigeon, garlic mushrooms, red onion and smoked bacon jam ( with white balsamic and black treacle ) & carrot gazpacho. The pigeon was bought from Wards Fish, Fishmonger, Game and Poultry Specialist.

Culinary imagings volume two.

Smoked haddock in sweet white miso, pinot grigio and whole grain mustard. Accompanied by radish in walnut oil and smoked salt, Indonesian sweet soy sauce and crispy kale.

Beef braised in white zinfandel and lobster glace with a vegetable and white truffle butter puree. Aromatic potatoes ( cooked in mineral water with black garlic, black treacle, lemongrass, ginger, jalapenos and coriander ). Finished with togarashi.

Well, lunch was fantastic. Spaghetti with olive oil, three types of tomato, garlic, fresh anchovies, salted capers and basil. And not forgetting the two cheeses, these being, Piave Vecchio and Montasio Fresco.

 Tuna steak with a vegetable ragout ( carrot, swede and shallot ) braised in carrot juice and chicken stock reduction. Finished with a Merlot and veal concentrate reduction. Experimenting with my samples from Essential Cuisine - The Stock People