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Saturday, August 9, 2014

New stuff from my world of ingredient and flavour transformation.

#paulsplayground.........Dinner tonight is going to be a spice Turkey meatloaf, red eye gravy and scallion mashed potatoes. 

Sometimes you need some awesome comfort food to feel satisfied. And this certainly was satisfying. Spiced Turkey meatloaf, red eye gravy and scallion mashed potato (loaded with lashings of real butter.......of course)!

Paid a visit to the farmers market this morning and picked up some fantastic heritage tomatoes and a great bunch of radishes. The problem with the so called tomatoes that they sell in the supermarkets is that they are what are known as F1 hybrids. This means that they have been scientificly modified to grow to a uniform size and to all ripen at the same time. 


Guy Fieri and the TripleD team need to get 'round my gaff and check out these bad boys. Minced steak burger with mushroom/ seaweed seasoning + fish sauce. Served on a brioche bun with jalapeno/ toasted ajwain seed butter, little gem lettuce, red onion/ apricot/ mirin jam and mature cheddar cheese. #paulsplayground.


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