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Friday, August 1, 2014

Food philosophy!

As a chef I am tired of the constraints and restrictions that working for others places on me. I want to break free from these enforced restrictions and just having to do the same old thing time and time again. I need the freedom to fully explore, develop and utilise my skills, talent and natural creativity. This is why I am looking for potential backers for my own restaurant. Anyone who can help let me know.

Eating my food is akin to entering a magical world. My world of fantasy and imagination.

It is a cuisine that travels the globe in search of flavours and ingredients but without pre-determined direction or destination. This is food constructed with a travelling character, finding and discovering unique flavours with no ties or restrictions and definitely no starting points.......this is my world.

It provokes intense feelings and unconditional, single minded sentiments. Sweet, acid, bitter, spicy, hot, sour and smokey will be the pieces of the puzzle in one or more bites within the same canvas of emotion. Similar sensations achieved with different products. Different uses and different contexts but all with the same feeling of the immense. A wealth of infinite possibilities and new scenarios.

New uses of animal protein which may not be what they seem, acting as a secondary element to the various other elements or simply acting as a condiment. They will stand together in a single canvas with no apparent order or hierarchy but as a harmonious and irreverent conceptual masterpiece.

This is ultimate cooking, it is straight cooking with no surrounding elements. This is a single medium establishing the canvas as the keystone of 360 degree experience. A downhill roller coaster ride with no brakes or stop. What are the limits?

This is exciting and creative food that is in a constant state of flux, evolution and development on a three dimensional level. Height, length and width. The elaborations are progressive and continually changing. A total interaction, my world, my show.

And there are no desserts, just things with a higher level and degree of sweetness than preceding offerings. Ready to enjoy the ride?

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