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Monday, October 20, 2014

Musings of a Chef

As with any kind of bird, be it chicken, turkey or grouse, the legs always take longer to cook then the breast. So here I have the legs of my partridge being slowly poached in duck fat with carrots and garlic.

 Partridge breast ( on the bone ) ready to be roasted with cauliflower, potatoes and shallots.

Roast breat of partridge, roast cauliflower, shallot and potato. Tamrind and muscavado glazed kaki fruit with basil. Black garlic and white truffle butter jus.

 I didn't have all the ingredients to make it 100% authentic ( okra ) but this is my dish in the spirit of a gumbo. Yes, it has the Holy Trinity of celery, onion and green bell pepper, garlic, chili ( I used red chili flakes ). Plus some celery seed, Greek oregano and tarragon. I have some king prawns to add when the rice is nearly. And I made my chocolate coloured roux with rice flour and ghee ( Indain clarified butter ).
And here is my finished gumbo inspired dish served over boiled white rice. It also includes some smoked sausage.

For dinner tonight I am making a ragu of minced pork, smoked bacon, mushrooms, red bell pepper, garlic, greek oregano and tomtoes. This is going to be served with Caserecce ( little scrolls ) pasta and grated peccorino cheese.

 Making a butter, tarragon and garlic roast chicken breast with roast potatoes. Also a dashi and mirin broth with peas and bacon.

The plated butter, tarragon and garlic roast chicken, roast potatoes, dashi/ mirin broth, peas and bacon.

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