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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More explorations in the art of flavour and ingredient transformation.

A salad of marinated haddock and vegetables ( sweet peppers, red onion, scallions, kale and cucumber ) marinated in olive oil, lime juice, garlic, ginger and jalapenos. Finished with smoked sea salt and sansho pepper.

Tandoori lamb stew with carrot, swede, leeks and onions. Going to serve it with some buttery mango mashed potato.

Tandoori lamb stew ( finished with sour cream ), buttery mango mash and coriander oil.

So tonight I'm cooking up Steak, chips and mushrooms. But you all know me, it isn't quite that simple. The chips are cooked in duck fat and the steak is seasoned with Maldon smoked sea salt flakes and Japanese sansho pepper. The mushrooms are actually in a mushroom and red onion gravy made with butter and rice flour. Also in the gravy is mustard powder, garlic powder, celery seeds and tarragon.

The finished Steak, chips and mushrooms. Added a little truffle butter to the gravy as a finishing touch.

Hey. What's cookin'? Lamb with Szechuan pepper, birds eye chili, Xaoxing rice wine and maple syrup. Going to be served with a stir fry of sweet peppers, leeks, kale, mushrooms and scallions in a black bean and truffle butter sauce.

And this is the finished Lamb dish. Total experimentation and creativity that resulted in some out of this world flavours.

Cooking up some lunch of spaghetti with a sauce of bacon, peppers, mushrooms, leeks and tomatoes. Although the tomatoes are in the form of my special tomato sauce. I always have a batch of that made up and portioned in the freezer.

And the plated spaghetti finished off with some Parmesan and Monterrey Jack cheese. And a drizzle of Italian extra virgin olive oil.

In the process of creating a cauliflower and mushroom soup with Tandoori spices.

Cauliflower and mushroom soup with tandoori spices, fresh mango, maple syrup and crispy kale.

Cauliflower and mushroom soup variation. This time garnished with mussels and coriander oil.

Cooking up some braised beef with coconut milk, fish sauce peanut butter, star anise and cassia bark. Serving it with roasted vegetables and bacon wrapped confit potatoes.

And so here we have Beef braised with coconut milk and peanut butter, bacon wrapped confit potatoes, roasted veggies ( carrot, swede, onion and leek ), lime and spring onion butter sauce.

A little lunch of soft boiled hens egg with beetroot, orange and crispy kale. One of the elements of the dish is a ' relish ' of grated beetroot, sake, orange zest and juice and rice vinegar.



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