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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scallops and Passionfruit!

In 2002 I was working at a hotel near Wrexham in Noerth Wales and was asked to creat a menu for a Lunch for Cheshire Life Magazine. Anyway, as a first course, I created a dish of Seared Scallops, Passionfruit vinaigrette and a garnish of Baby salad leaves. Fast forward to 2011 and, due to the fact that I am now aware of alot great new products, I would do the dish so much differently. The Scallops would still be seared but the Passion fruit would be in various forms and textures. I would include a Passionfruit mayonaise, Passionfruit Flavour Freshburst pearls (based on the technique of Spherification as developed by Ferran Adria. For more on this product........Freshburst Pearls.....Mango and Passionfruit Flavour

There would also be a Passionfruit flavour Airspuma....For product information......Airspuma...Passionfruit!

The idea for the Passionfruit mayonaise cam from a restaurant menu that I was looking at and they were using it in a dessert but I like the idea. For a complete temprature contrast I wouls also include a small scoop of Passionfruit sorbet. And for garnish I would use some Shiso cress and Micro purple Basil to add more of a savoury contrast.

REcently, looking through El Bulli 1998 - 2002, I came across a Scallop and Passionfruit dish that they had been doing at El Bulli during that time. However, in 2002 I had not heard of the restaurant or it's chef Ferran Adria. So I lay claim to this concept being all my own! What can I say? Great minds think alike!

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