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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Post Modern Kitchen!!!!

Well from top to bottom we have some of the vast array of equipment that is required for the production of experimental, post modern or avant garde cuisine, (feel free to choose your own label)!

Anyway, starting at the top, we have a food dehydrator, which offers an amazing array of possibilities for creating great new food textures to excite the dinner and to tantalise his or her taste buds.

Next up is the Induction hob. This is a great piece of kit as it offers very precise temperature control. This particular model is around £70 to £80 in cost, which, considering today's economic climate and budget constraints that we are all facing, is a real bargain. Due to the nature of its very precise temperature control, this, used in conjunction with second to last pictured item, a vacuum packing machine, offers a very economic entry into the world of Sous Vide cooking,. This is something that I have referred to earlier, so please check previous posts.

The pressure cook is something that can be used to speed up the process of making stocks or doing braised Oxtails. Again, a very brilliant idea in terms of reducing gas usage and cutting costs. Then we have the stove top smoker which offers a diverse array of new flavour, especially with the huge range of smoking chips that are available from cream supplies. For more information, click here......Smoking chips......

The last piece of equipment is a juice extractor and this can offer a huge range of possibilities for creating great sauces and dressings or jellies based on vegetable juices as opposed to the conventional meat or fish based stock.

Anyway, I've been really busy promoting this blog via my Facebook page and have been getting some great feedback form some important people. John Bowman - baker, the MD of Galdstoneparkchefs had this to say;

CHEF'S TRUST? Well trust me have a look at one of our member's blog. His name is Paul Walker. He is totally passionate about following and contributing to the latest industry trends.

YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! Sign up on the blog and he will keep you totally up to date.

Eddie shepherd, thee leading vegetarian chef in the UK, (who I mentioned in the last post), had this to say;

Great blog, and cheers for the mention in your 'Stuff that has inspired me' section, I'm very flattered. Thanks Chef .

And finally, an American chef by the name of Nathan Placentia, had this to say;

Chef I just read your bio and blog. You are the type of Chef that I aspire to be. I love the creative side of you. as you, when I look at a recipe I cant help but let my mind run away and create something new! I look forward to the knowledge I will gain from you!! Please lets keep in contact and challenge each other to higher levels of great food!!

So who knows? Maybe that opportunity to find the creative freedom and fulfilment that I long for is just around the corner.

OK, a few other taste combinations and sensations that I have toyed with over the years.

Chocolate and beetroot cake, Turmeric custard (not actually as strange as you may think. Ginger is commonly used with desserts and Turmeric is actually a member of the ginger family, so it was a case of go for it)! This dish was also accompanied by a Blackcurrant sorbet and blueberry coulis.

In the Nineteen Nineties, I had a phase of experimenting with Thai ingredients and here are two desserts that I developed during that period that are mainstays of my repertoire;

Chilled Coconut rice pudding with Passion fruits sorbet, Lime Syrup and Mango Coulis

Of course, since originally developing this dish, I have learnt many new techniques and discovered a great many new products, so I have a lot of ideas to revamp this dish and make into something more modern.

And finally;

Coconut and Lemongrass Panna Cotta, Purple Basil Sorbet, White Chocolate Ice cream and kaffir Lime syrup.

Well until next, happy cooking!!!!!

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