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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Spontaneous Innovation!!!!!

A restaurant from Chef Paul Walker.

A new concept in dining.

A centre for innovation, creativity, research and development in cuisine.

INNOVATION.....through use of modern cooking technologies such as FOOD DEHYDRATION, SOUS VIDE COOKING, EXTRACTION OF FRUIT AND VEGETABLE JUICES to create colourful and flavourful sauces and dressings (this would be an alternative to the use of stocks).

INNOVATION...through the use of unusual herbs, vegetables and spices. This would require collaboration with local farms such as CLAREMONT FARM near Clatterbridge hospital.

INNOVATION...through alternative menu concepts, such as the following idea;

Creating a different concept in dining!!!

Rather than creating a menu, offer the diners a list of daily available produce and create a dialogue between the customer and waiting staff with the intent of establishing the customers likes and dislikes, thus enabling the kitchen to create a menu that is exclusive to each table thus increasing the customers enjoyment of their meal.

Once the discussion of the guests likes and dislike has taken place, they will then be asked to select a flavour profile from one of the following;

EUROPEAN...The dishes created by the kitchen team would feature flavour combinations common to the major cuisines of Europe, in particular France and Italy.

MIDDLE EASTERN/ASIAN....featuring the spicing that is common to the cuisines of the middle east and India

THAI...Dishes would feature flavours common to the cuisine of this wonderful country. Much use would be made of ingredients such as Lemon grass, Kaffir Lime, Coconut, Papaya, Peanuts, Coriander, Thai Holy Basil, Mango, to name but a few.

CHINA....Dishes featuring flavours such as Chinese rice wine, Black vinegar, Black Bean Sauce, Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Szechuan Pepper, Ginger and Spring onion.

JAPAN....Use of flavours and ingredients such as Wasabi, Tofu, Miso, Rice vinegar, Sake, Mirin(sweetened rice wine), Bonito Flakes, Dashi (Japanese Stock) and various Seaweed.

INNOVATIONS....Unusual and unexpected combinations of flavours such as Coffee and Lemon (with Lamb), Licorice and Fennel seed (with Fish or Chicken), White Chocolate and Szechuan Pepper (with fish) !

CREATIVITY!!!! Through use of the wealth of exciting new ingredients and products that are available from suppliers such as

MSK specialist food ingredients, Infusion 4 Chefs and Cream Supplies.

Working with local designers to create unusual service ware that would (hopefully)lead to creativity in terms of dish design and flavour combinations.

Creativity in terms of unusual flavour combinations, such as:

Coconut and Basil Panna cotta, basil sorbet, White Chocolate and mint sauce.

Chilled coconut rice pudding, Passion fruit sorbet and Mango coulis.

Assiette of Lemon, Coffee and Chocolate (consisting of Chocolate mousse, fresh Lemon Curd, Lemon sorbet and Coffee Soil)

Sea Bass, Oxtail, White Chocolate, Szechuan Pepper and White Chocolate

Chicken with cinnamon, green tea, pink grapefruit and cucumber

Use of new products such as Powdered Sea Water, Powdered Smoke, Dill Pollen, Kaolin (an edible clay used as a food coating),

Various Gelling agent and thickeners to create new textures.

REASERCH...into the history of food and forgotten flavour combinations which would be analysed and reinvented for the modern palate using modern technology, techniques and culinary philosophy.

Continuous research into product availability and uses in terms of creating innovative flavour combinations and textures

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